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Tasting Party!

Tastes of France

Last night we had our first anise liquor tasting party. In preparation for my trip to sip along the Adriatic, we sipped 2 brands of pastis and an Italian anisette, tested the new Sip.Savor.Adventure! Tasting Template (which definitely needs a bit of work), and savored an array of typical appetizers.

Tasting Templates

Sadly, there are no action photos because Jim neglected to give my my very first lesson in how to use my new Canon Powershot SX60 16.1MP Digital Camera. (Note to self: always take it with you!)

We learned at least 5 things (maybe more, but I confess my memory is a bit clouded):

  1. Straight up, the pastises by Pernod and Ricard burn the lips. No wonder a dilution of cold water is recommended.
  2. Meletti Anisette isn’t an aperitif – it’s sweet and better suited to after dinner. If I had read the bottle, I would have known that. And it doesn’t louche! Hmmm – something to seek further to understand.
  3. Also, more than the others, the anisette has legs. This makes sense because it is relatively high in alcohol (34%) and sweet.
  4. Color matters. We all had distinct reactions to the green of Pernod and the caramel of Ricard compared to the crystal clear Meletti. So the Tasting Template will need to account for that.
  5. Salty and bitter are important flavors to accompany anise-flavored drinks. This explains why I am served olives and nuts with my Pastis in France, and Italian salatini can include potato chips.

And I learned that, no matter the color, the marvelous taste of pastis brings me back to days in the south of France.

Thank you, Jim and Lisa for hosting the first of what I hope will be many chances to sip, savor and adventure!