Wanderlust and Adventure

A Porcine Adventure

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the most pleasant sensations in the world. You are surrounded by adventure”

Freya Stark

At the end of my Umbrian adventure, I discover the writing of Michelle Damiani and am immediately entranced by her idea of a “wanderlust” genre. Where else should we find books such as  A Year in Provence, Under the Tuscan Sun and Driving Over Lemons? To place them with travel guides is a dishonor! Those of us who crave the adventure of waking alone in a strange town in a new country cringe at the thought!

Covid has made it difficult for us who suffer from wanderlust to satisfy our craving for adventure. No more is it a relatively easy exercise to wake up in a strange town. So what’s a woman to do? Find adventure in the familiar. This morning that means discovering a new twist to chichaito.

I wrote about chichaito a while ago because I was surprised to find anise culture here in Puerto Rico ( I’ve returned for the first time since April of 2019). I shouldn’t have been because of the Spanish heritage here – and even less surprised that anise liquor is married with rum.

Chichaito Flavors

Chichaitos in Abundance

But what’s this? Chichaitos of over 20 flavors including snickers and oreo? Does the “house of chichaitos” replace the anise with pear or mango or acerola flavors making a fruit flavored rum drink? I can’t imagine pairing nutella with anise and rum. If I could tolerate rum, a tasting would definitely be an adventure. Instead, if I’m walking by some evening I will have to ask.

So, what’s a porcine adventure have to do with all this. Well, only that it was an encounter that surprised – and slightly scared – me in my familiar town not long ago.

What adventure do you find after you wake up in your familiar town? Does it satisfy your wanderlust?